Problems with Prolific driver – Solution.

This entry was posted on Dec 08 2010
We are currently working on our Bachelor thesis where we are developing a TUI module for task status visualization. During this process we stumbled over a annoying problem with the Prolfic / LogiLink USB to serial (RS232) adapter which we wasn’t able to use on several Windows 7 computers resulting in the following error in device manager: “This device cannot start code 10 error”
After several hours of googling we found that the only driver working on W7 was the Windows Vista driver (v2.30) which can be downloaded from
We would like to link to cooldriver’s previous page with links to the driver, but they removed this, forcing us to link directly to the zip file.
Hope this saves all of you for a lot of wasted time 🙂
Update: Thanks for all the comments on this post. The driver has now proven to also work for Dynex DX-UBDB

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  1. Yep,

    Worked for me also. Win 7 32 bit and Win 7 64 bit

  2. It works.. thanks a lot…!!

  3. Thanks. you guys saved my 3 days of work.

  4. I have windows 7 I have tryed every. Thing help anybody cane email to resolve. This probably. Here is my email address.

  5. Muchas gracias. Este maldito serial me ha dados muchos dolores de cabeza que ahora, gracias a ti, desaparecen.
    Gracias desde Chile.

  6. Ссылка выше на драйвер ( из сайта не рабочая, вот новая:

  7. Hola amigo, primero que nada mil gracias te lo agradezco demasiado sigue hasi se te agradese mucho


    This link worked for me too, i tried downloading different installers for win 7, tried running the vista installer on compatibility mode, still no luck but above link worked some home.

    i am on win 7 64 bit Home Basic version.

    Trick was keep trying to give up 🙂

  9. Many thanx, that works for me on Windows 8 !!!

  10. надо признать я в шоке, спасибо
    но это действительно работает =)

  11. Thanks a lot, it works perfect for me 😀

  12. worked for me also, win7 ultimate.

  13. No such luck. Still won’t work for me

  14. 1 billion Thanks 🙂
    it works !

  15. thanks a lot

  16. Thanks worked on Win7 64 bit. Had to run with Vista compatability and with admin rights.

    Windows tries to check online for new drivers, cancel the process and choose from installed drivers.

    Worked fine after that.

  17. It worked for me as well on W7. Many thanks!

  18. Worked for me on W7 64 bit. And on another usb – serial adapter I was just about to throw out.
    Your page was sent to me as a link with the replacement adapter from another supplier.
    How about a W7 driver for my HP5470 scanner.
    Many thanks for caring.

  19. Thanks soo much for this! you have no idea the frustration you have alleviated!! Helps run Power fc Datalogit on troublesome windows 7-8 platforms that refuse to see the the Datalogit when plugged in

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