Music Cubes course

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News about the future of Music Cubes!
We have accepted an offer of creating a course around Music Cubes in cooperation with two of our lecturers; Erik Grönvall and Marianne Graves Petersen. The course is based on our project and allows us to continue our work in the direction we find most interesting. We are currently investigating relevant research areas and domains for Music Cubes in order to make a course description and a work plan for the course, which will be in the Q4 this year. The result of the course will be a research paper for a conference, but we haven’t decided on the most relevant conference yet, since this depends on the litterature we will use. As a part of the course we will update this blog with news about our work – so please follow our progress which will hopefully begin before Q4 ; )

Akosta in english!

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Howdy reader
As you may have discovered we have added the option of english instead of danish – the function can be found in the upper right corner of the page just below our RSS feed. This obviously means that our pages will soon be available in english, but we can’t make any promises on how long the translation will take since we are being kept occupied by our studies.
We have discussed whether future posts and pages will be available in both danish and english, and have considered only writing in english from now on but we have not reached a conclusion on this yet. If you have any thoughts on this matter please feel free to leave a comment – cheers 🙂