The purpose of our blog

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Our blog has existed for a while now and we thought it was about time to write a little bit about the purpose of our blog. So what do we want to achieve with this blog?
The answer is several things. We use the blog for documenting and sharing projects from our work/study. The documentation is both for our sake, in order to remember the things we have made, and it is for others to read/see. We hope that other students and interested can draw inspiration from our projects and use them as concrete examples on how different technologies and design processes can be used (e.g. a concrete example of a cultural probe in our MuMiT project, which is most likely not found elsewhere).
Since most of our current projects are from our study, the blog also shows what we work with as IT students. Our projects shows how the IT study combines design with software and computer technology.
Last but not least the blog is also for promoting our group and show what we do and what we are able to accomplish. Therefore we have also added a list of courses we have completed in our “About” page, to give an idea of what kind of areas we have studied.
We hope that you may have as much fun reading and looking at our page as we have had developing the projects 🙂

(Dansk) Bachelorprojekt beskrivelse

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Music Cubes in UNIvers

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Now there is an article in the uni newspaper, called UNIvers, about our Music Cubes project and us. See the article here (it’s in danish though):