3D Prototyping

(7 weeks, Q1, 1. year of IT Master, 2011)
This page is about a project made in the course 3D Prototyping 2011.

Through this project we have designed and produced a game controller for an simple game made in Unity.

We started out by creating 2D drawings in paper then we modeled initial design prototypes in clay and foam and continued on to create a CAD prototype in AutoDesk Inventor. Finally we had this model printed on a 3D printer at ‘Det teknologiske institut’.

Here you can see a short movie of the final prototype in use:

Firstly some pictures of the final model (+a little bit of the proces):

Below are a lot more pictures from the most of the different parts of our proces in this project.
Pictures from the preliminary proces:

Pictures from two user/focus group tests:

Pictures from developing models in foam and plaster:

Pictures from the 3D models in Inventor:

Pictures of the 3D plastic print and the treatment we gave it: