Aerial Tunes

Paper accepted!

Our article: Aerial Tunes: “Exploring Interaction Qualities of Mid-air Displays” has been accepted to NordiCHI 2012, which is held in Copenhagen in the period from the 14. October to the 17. October.

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Aerial Tunes at Aarhus main Library

From the 21.11. 2012 – 19.12.2012 Aerial Tunes was exhibited at the public main library of Aarhus. Here it was subject to exploration and play from children as well as adults. Through the exhibition period a guestbook was left by the installation for the visitors to write about their sense making process. A surprising number of people chose to write in the guestbook and we collected 193 comments concerning how they understood Aerial tunes!

It was interesting to see people try to make sense of the flying balls and how they where able to interact with the balls and the music. Most children started directly to play with Aerial Tunes and explore the boundaries of the interface e.g. how many balls could be put into one air stream. Adults where at first more cautious and stood at distance to observe and make sense of the floating balls before moving closer to interact.

We interviewed 15 different people about their opinion of Aerial Tunes. Some of them meant that it was a tool for meditation and yoga while others meant that it was an instrument for concerts.

All in all it was a positive experience to exhibit at the main library.

You can see the flyer from the exhibit here: Flyer about Aerial Tunes

You can see pictures from the exhibit here:

Here is a video showing the design and the hovering balls together with a sample of the music created by Aerial Tunes:

A closer look at the interaction of Aerial tunes:

This is a video of the interaction from our first evaluation / test of Aerial Tunes in INCUBA Science Park:

These are pictures from our first evaluation / test of Aerial Tunes in INCUBA Science Park:

Here are a couple of pictures form the construction proces:

Here are a couple of 3D renderings of the 8 Aerial Tunes cubes:

Here are some beautiful technical pictures from the insides of Aerial Tunes: