Tired of typing cd in CMD? Download smartCMD

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We have just uploaded a tiny utility that saves your day if you are tired of navigating Windows command line with cd while already having the right folder open in Windows Explorer.

Download and run SmartCMD.exe. Open the folder in Windows Explore. Press the hotkey: Win+C and console opens ready to use and already pointing to the right directory!

SmartCMD is totally free!

Problems with BASCOM AVR – Random reboots? [Solution]

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Hey! Are you experiencing weird behaviour in your microcontroller?
We have been working on a MCU controlled project for a month now and just discovered the reason to why we have been pulling hair out of our heads. BASCOM/ATMEGA8 fails at concatinating strings!
Even though the manual describes that a concat feature is available by writing a= b+”c”, and we have used this successfully previously, it is error prone!
It made our microcontroller jump to instructions that should not be reachable, made it restart at random and caused very odd behaviour which was hard to debug.
So take caution when concatinating strings in BASCOM!

(Dansk) How to: fingermaling

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Problems with Prolific driver – Solution.

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We are currently working on our Bachelor thesis where we are developing a TUI module for task status visualization. During this process we stumbled over a annoying problem with the Prolfic / LogiLink USB to serial (RS232) adapter which we wasn’t able to use on several Windows 7 computers resulting in the following error in device manager: “This device cannot start code 10 error”
After several hours of googling we found that the only driver working on W7 was the Windows Vista driver (v2.30) which can be downloaded from
Hope this saves all of you for a lot of wasted time 🙂