Mobile Game “Hitmen: Black Gold”

(7 weeks, Q1, 2. year of IT, 2009)
This page is about a project made in the two courses; Pervasive Computing and Interactive Media in 2009.

Briefly about the project

“Hitmen: Black Gold” is an urban location-based actiongame on the mobile phone.
The project was made in the courses Pervasive Computing and Interactive Media and is therefore a demonstration of how knowledge of narratives can be coupled with modern pervasive technology and thereby creating a bridge between a virtual game and reality. The project was done in 7 weeks and consisted of a brainstorm, product development, running software prototype and a video prototype.

Briefly about the game

In order to play “Hitmen: Black Gold” one must have a mobile phone and be near other active players. The player is ready to play after installing the application and registering as a user. As soon as two players or more are available a central server will automatically calculate and create a game and inform the involved players.
The user experiences this by being called up, with a faked phone call, by the agency that the player chose when registering for the game. Through this phone call the player is briefed about the mission by text and speech, that is if the player accepts the call. In the briefing the player is explained how the player should move around in the real world to either find, collect and deliver objects or to find and eliminate an enemy. When the mission is accepted the game is started. If the player gets the hitman role (the task of finding and eliminating an enemy) you receive a weapon and a radar on the mobile screen. If the player activates the weapon this can be used to eliminate the enemy. Is the radar activated instead the player will be able to see where the target is and the player must then move in the real world in order to accomplish the mission.

Screenshots from the game; call, loading, hitman missionmap and player dead.

The essence of the project

By connecting the narrative of hitmen with the use of the mobilephone (and it’s sensors) as an interactive media and by using the real world as the game world, we have developed an urban game, which moves the player away from the computerscreen and activates him/her in the real world!

Interactions Map

To show which interactions are occurring in “Hitmen: Black Gold” we made a map showing the interactions which can be seen below. There is an explanation and a smaller story for the map in order to understand exactly what each number means. This explanation can be found on page 10 in the report (see the bottom of this page).



In order to illustrate the concept and part of the gameplay we ended the project with recording and editing a videoprototype, which is available just below. The video was recorded in Aarhus C, and the action was done with 2 mobiles running the game while recording in order to give a realistic view of how exciting the game could be.

Below you can se a technical demonstration of our game:

If you wish to know more about the project you can get our danish report here, but if you’re very interested in knowing more about specifics or doesn’t understand danish then you may contact us on our email.